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Drone Law

Aviation Legal Matters

Moulis Aviation Law offers a wide range of services for FAA Enforcement, NTBS Appeal, PRIA Issues and Drone Law.

Who is Michael Moulis?

Michael Moulis, ESq. is the owner and founder of Moulis' Aviation Law Offices, P.A, with decades of experience representing clients in all areas of aviation law. Michael Moulis is your trusted aviation lawyer of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Contact us today for more information!

Aviation Law Expertise

Approximately 3000 FAA enforcement cases involving violations of the FAA Regulations by mechanics, private pilots, military pilots, air carriers, large airlines as well as the traveling public. Experience also includes significant experience in labor law related matters in an aviation context.

FAA Enforcement

Approximately 1000-2000 FAA Enforcement cases involving virtually all types of aviation accidents/incidents including aircraft, helicopters, light single and multiple engines fixed wing aircraft as well as large air carrier aircraft. Some accidents involving multiple deaths and/or property damages

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